• Image of Red Bull

The Menagerie Collection, a series that captures vibrant printed colors and simple hand drawn line work.

Illustrator and designer Mark McGinnis originally created this collection for the Dwell store. The graphic prints expertly blend line and color. His Menagerie Collection presents a series of prints that depict animals and flora in a range of soft, yet vibrant colors. Although compositionally simple, each print is comprised of several parts—the graphic is screen-printed on 140 lb. arches watercolor paper, after which McGinnis fills the colored print with a hand-drawn line sketch, ensuring that no two prints are exactly the same. From there, the 100 percent cotton paper is mounted and framed in an ash wood frame. Each print in the series, like this Red Bull, can be used on its own, or coordinated with other prints in the series to create a menagerie of wall art. Each limited edition print is signed on the left side of the print, and numbered on the right.

Limited Edition of 200
Final framed size: 17" x 23"
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